Cheap Skip Hire Tips

Are you having trouble finding cheap skip hire? I needed to use a skip recently and I went through a process that worked pretty well. I want to show you what I did so you can copy me. skip hire comparison leedsĀ 

Before you rush off hiring the first one you find, first evaluate whether you actually need a skip in the first place. Think of all the ways around it either by cutting waste or sourcing alternative ways of disposing of the materials.

You have looked for alternatives but can’t find any so you require a skip. Make sure that you have your requirements clear before you contact any firms. First think about how long you want the skip for. Next think about the size of the skip remembering we usually produce more waste than we expect. Finally think about the drop off, both the times and the location.

Now you are ready to order your cheap skip hire – but where do you look? Over the years the telephone directory has been the answer to many of these queries and is often overlooked. This can offer the advantage of you not being overwhelmed by all the information out there.

Now the most common way of searching for cheap skip hire is on the internet. All companies should have a website for you to take a look at and view the services that they offer. This is something that is really useful today because you will be able to find and evaluate a range of companies.

The final and probably the best way to find it is through word of mouth. Word of mouth is always the best of recommendations. If there is someone you know who can advise you of the best place to find skips for hire then go for it.

There are some further tips for getting cheap skip hire. Call as many companies as you can for quotes then tell the new company what quote you had before and ask them to beat it. Also, why not ask your neighbour if they would like to share the skip and therefore share the costs?


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