Granite – Natural Stone Tiles You Will Love!

Granite tiles have a gorgeous natural colour, which imparts an earthy and rustic yet classy look to your architectures. They can be used almost anywhere-residential or commercial complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, bars or any other place you can think of. The excellent strength and natural beauty that granite tiles possess, work wonders to adorn the beauty of your architectures.

When it comes to maintenance, granite tiles are hassle free. They are stain, scratch and moisture resistant; virtues that make them very simple and quick to clean. Resultantly, tiles can efficiently be used for interiors such as staircases, countertops, floors or walls. They are hard, strong, extremely long lasting and impervious to the effects of rain, temperature and pressure. This makes them apt for external use in areas such as backyards, front porches, and landscaping around pools or fountains. countertop remnants

All about granite tiles

Granite is an igneous rock that develops owing to the slow hardening and solidification of magma underneath the earth’s surface. This rock is composed of quartz along with a number of other minerals and mica. A natural stone, granite is more commonly found in the form of huge slabs that are processed, finished and cut into tiles of manageable size. Granite tiles are heat, moisture, cold, pressure, scratch and moisture resistant and are therefore the perfect choice for embellishing and strengthening buildings.

Naturally, granite is available in the form of slabs. These large slabs may be apt for building exteriors; however, using slabs directly for interiors can be inconvenient and also expensive at times. Because slabs are huge and difficult to manage, they necessitate intervention by experts and professionals. The slabs, when cut into required shape and size naturally increase the effort for installation. And eventually the cost of labour shoots up. Ironically, Granite tiles are a simpler and more convenient option. Tiles and slabs only differ in their thickness and weight. Tiles are as beautiful as slabs, and additionally are available in personalised and customised shapes, sizes and finishing. They possess all the qualities of slabs and make tiles a pocket friendly choice.

With Granite tiles, you can experiment with unique and interesting layouts and patterns. You can opt for mosaics or mix and match different designs and shades of tiles. Because they are available in easy to install sizes, you may also consider installing them as a do it yourself project! And thus they are a more viable option that is more economical, and simpler to install and maintain.

Granite tiles are extremely versatile; available in a wide range of colours, designs, cuts and finishing. The gorgeous look they impart coupled with long lasting durability is the major reason behind the popularity of granite. You may have to go through a little trouble while installing them, but once that is done; they last almost forever.


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