Part One – The Interpretation of the Photographic Record

Most of us will take many photographs for our personal family albums throughout our life. We have many joyful events to cover in photographs.

If we are lucky we will have inherited family photographs. Many of those photographs will be exciting to look at many times over. These photographs will provide a clear record that can offer insights into our family history.

Do photographs really talk; you bet they do. When we see Auntie Angeline smoking her cigarette and drinking her brandy we know more about our dear aged relative. Not that Angeline isn’t a living doll because she is!

How can we draw on the information they hold? how can we make an old photograph more meaningful? And how do we do we evaluate the information a photograph contains? The purpose of this photography lesson is to suggest approaches to interpreting the photographic record. Family Photographer London

Please keep thinking on your own old photographs. I need you to analyze your own photos which is the goal of this lesson.

Don’t assume anything. If you see Santa hugging your Mother what’s that tell you? It could mean a lot of things. It could mean that Santa loves everyone, or it could mean that Santa is your dear old Dad.

This is not exactly the type of interpretation that I’m talking about. It makes sense to think about every photograph we view. Old photographs provide insight into earlier times. They provide thoughtful provocation of emotional historical events. They also provide a glimpse into your own personal family history.

Once you have studied a photograph you will have squeezed out all the information there is to be found. This is not true and here’s why.

I am amazed at how much I do fail to see when I look at any type of photograph. I have posted the same images in different forums and onto blogs, using the exact same images and get different opinions every time. Someone seeing an image for the very first time will point out the smallest details. It never fails to happen that someone will clue me in on something I had not previously thought about.

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