Russian Spy Gives Advice to A Drug Cartel Boss At a Who’s Who of the Underworld Raging Party

On August 13 of 2014 the Russians had completed the stealth purchase of several hotels in and around Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They were working together with a couple of drug cartels, right under the noses of authorities, as they set up a rather lucrative distribution system. In one of the bars, off in the corner an undercover ICE agent from the United States had set up some surveillance audio equipment.

This was the break they needed, as they couldn’t figure out how the Russians and drug cartels were able to stay one step ahead of them, leading them often on wild goose chases throughout the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. The Russian spy was giving advice to the drug cartel boss as the party raged on, he advised the drug cartel to use iPads and iPhone and switch them out every two weeks to a used dealer, or to give them to would-be travelers through children who pretended to steal them and then sell them for $20.

This way those who bought these personal electronic devices wouldn’t realize that they had been corrupted and had spy software on them from the US drug authorities. It turns out that a Russian double agent had infiltrated ICE and given away the fact that the agency now was able to determine based on location and usage algorithms which personal tech devices were being used by the drug cartels and spies.

They would then put a secretive spy software app onto the phone or iPad, this way they were able to track all the bad guys. The algorithm required about 10-14 days of information to accurate label a personal tech device as owned by the bad guys within the 99-percentile of mathematical probability. Free spy apps

During the first bugged conversation the Russian spy told the drug cartel of a new app which allows the user denial to any of the major tracking apps which work on the Android Phone, one which a larger percentage used in the spy network, and the app was even getting popular usage from average citizens who were fearful that their government, or even a foreign government such as the United States was spying on them. It was very popular amongst Russians in Moscow after the Putin Election when a new sense of fear set in after the crackdown on political dissent in 2012 and 2013.

In the second bugged conversation the Russian continued to explain how to put their old iPhones on cargo ships headed for Asia or South America out of a popular Chinese port on the other side of the Sea of Cortez, another distribution point for drugs coming from all over the world into Mexico and then on into the US.

The ICE agent immediately realized that they were tracking ghost packages on ships, and also non-suspecting tourists all over the planet, putting them on watch lists as they were the new proud owners of all these electronic devices that the drug cartels and the Russians were getting rid of. As soon as the Department of Homeland Security figured this out, they realize the error of their ways, and how much money they had wasted chasing normal regular people all over the globe.

Although the Department of Homeland Security felt rather stupid, and duped once again by the bad guys, at least they’d figured out what they’ve done wrong, and then had fix the problem. By 2018 they had actually been able to take all those innocent civilians off their watch list. Luckily all of this became public today; September 22, 2022.


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