The World of Fortune Telling

Nowadays we are almost all familiar with astrology, Tarot card reading and palmistry – all of these methods of fortune telling have been popularized by the media and film industry. While fortune telling has become a common household topic of conversation, what we often neglect to consider are the roots of this lucrative career. In many cultures around the world fortune tellers are looked to for guidance in major life decisions and many of them use methods very different than what we’ve come to know and love in Western culture.

In Chinese culture fortune telling is at the core of most life altering decisions: Should I have a child? Should I get married? Is this the right career path for me? When faced with these pivotal decisions most people consult with a fortune teller. There are several forms of divination that are particularly popular in Chinese culture, but the most basic involve a sort of numerology that based on calculations and the Chinese Almanac. For this type of appointment, a client only needs to provide their name (in Chinese writing), their date of birth and the time they were born. First the fortune teller will count the number of upstrokes used when writing your name. They then will consult with their Almanac and the reading progresses accordingly. Often times this will take up to thirty minutes and the reading will cover anywhere from the next two years to the rest of a person’s life, providing an outline for major events. Upon completion, the fortune is often transcribed onto a piece of pink parchment, which is considered to be good luck.

Indian culture boasts a branch of astrology for fortune telling that most Westerners would be unfamiliar with: Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology operates off of the ‘Sidereal Zodiac’, whereas Western astrology comes from the ‘Tropical Zodiac’. The consequence of this is, everything from your Sun sign to the location of all other planets may be different from one astrological chart compared to the next. While some people may not consider astrology a form of fortune telling, when using Vedic astrology everything changes. Because of the greater precision with the ‘Sidereal Zodiac’, Vedic astrology is used to not only describe a person’s personality traits, but also to predict the full course of their life. Live events are depicted through a detailed system of planetary time cycles known as ‘Dashas’. It is the ‘Dashas’ that boost Vedic astrology to a respected and recognised means of fortune telling in Indian culture. To have your astrological chart read a person must provide their date of birth, time of birth, location of birth and their full name. Completing and translating a full chart can take several hours, so this is a form of fortune telling that either takes two appointments, or is requested well in advance of ever meeting the astrologer themselves. 무료 운세

In African culture bone casting is one of the most common forms of fortune telling. Bone readers go by many names depending on their heritage, but their method is one and the same. Either using actual bones or a collection of mismatched items including things such as twigs and shells, the future outcome of a situation can be read. A client will go to a bone reader with a particular question or scenario in mind. They do not need to tell the bone reader anything, but are asked to focus on their issue while the fortune teller grounds themselves, meditates and shakes their collection of divination devices. They then cast the bones either onto an animal skin mat or a circle drawn in the dirt on the ground. Depending on which item lands where, how close it is to the center of the circle and the relationship between the locations of each item, the fortune is told. This type of reading is not consider to be definitive in what will happen in a person’s life, but is meant to be viewed as where their current path will take them if they do not make any changes.

In Western culture, there are many forms of fortune telling that are prevalent, but by far one of the most popular is Tarot card readings. A fortune teller will have a deck of large cards that are covered in symbolic artwork. During a session a client will focus on the area of their life in which they need guidance – some will tell their reader what their concern is and others prefer to keep it to themselves. As cards can have multiple meanings it is recommended to at least inform your fortune teller which genre you would like your session to focus in, such as finances, health, or love. The cards will be shuffled and then laid out in one of many patterns and then will be read by the fortune teller. As with bone casting, this method is used to show someone where they will end up if they continue on their current path and by no means is considered a definitive future. Tarot reading is meant to provide advice and guidance.

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