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Speed Bumps can be used for all sorts of applications not all to do with controlling traffic speed.

Recently we have been installing speed humps at fast food drive through restaurants for traffic delineation.

The speed bumps make sure that drivers stay in the correct lane, and will not cause damage to alloy wheels unlike Kerb Stones. Delineating traffic in this way is not just suited to drive through restaurants, it can be used in bus stations and car parks. With their low height they will not scrape car valances, or sills should someone drive over them. cable tray installation

Unlike lines painted on the floor speed bumps used in this fashion will provide clear feedback to drivers, preventing them from accidentally crossing into an incorrect lane and causing an accident.

We have seen accident rates cut in car parks by over 50% when speed humps have been fitted enforcing a one way system preventing people from accidentally driving in the wrong direction.

The Second Alternative Use for Speed Humps would be Cable protection

Have you ever needed to run a cable or hose across a driveway or gateway, but have not wanted to dig a trench, re-tarmac or disturb paving stones?

When faced with this dilemma usually the only option would be to run the cable or hose overhead, but even this is not always practical and can be very unsightly.

Some Speed humps offer a solution for this problem by allowing you to run the cable within a groove in the underside of the speed hump. Meaning your cable can run across even high traffic areas without you having to worry about it becoming crushed and damaged as it is fully protected by the speed bump above.

Over the years we have run various cables and hoses under our speed bumps, including CCTV cables, water hoses for irrigation systems and power cables to supply outbuildings. Saving a lot of the cost that is normally associated with digging and re-tarmacking. It also causes little to no disruption whilst being installed with the average speed bump being installed in less than an hour.


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