Homes for Sale in Calgary, A Home Away From Home

This article will act as a guide for you in Homes for sale in Calgary.

The place Calgary was initially inhabited by pre-Clovis people. Their history can be traced back to a time span of not less than 11,000 years back. After this pre-Clovis people colony vanished, the Europeans made their settlement in the place and named it as Calgary. So what we now see as Calgary was not actually this in the beginning. It evolved gradually with the time. Setting up a camp on the bank of the bow river the famous cartographer David Thompson spent his entire winter on its bank with flock of Peigan. Thus he became the first amongst the Europeans who visited Calgary in the year 1787. it was not before the late 1873 that John Glen visited Calgary and decided to settle there. So it was nearly after sixty years of Davis Thompson visit to Calgary that the first European settlement started in Calgary. It was till the later part of 1870’s that the native culture and tradition was still untouched by the Europeans. But after that the cultures began to mingle and the Europeans together with the native people hunted the buffaloes till they were an extinct species. Just listed Calgary

The North West mounted police set up its cam at Calgary and in 1875 the army was detached and assigned to protect he plains of western traders from the smuggling of the borders. Like whiskey trading and fur trading. Initially it was named fort Brisebois named after the officer of the fleet that is Ephrem-A. Brisebois, it was renamed fort Calgary by James Macleod in 1876. it got its name Calgary from the Isle Of Mule, in Scotland.

Calgary has a very important historical value and surely there are many who would like to have a home in such a historical place. You just need to search the website and there will be a list of real estate agents who can help you with your dream house. This made the place ideal for Homes for sale in Calgary.

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