Instrumental Music Downloads – Listen to India

I know some people who love to have instrumental music downloads from India. When Hindus play music, this is only one aspect of the immense indian cultural diversity. India is a home land for music, as well as the powerful generator of a special kind of harmony.

Actually, the hindu type of music is a mean to raise the souls of the listeners, a special support for meditation. Not really what westerners are used to as regard to their pop or rock predominant music culture. Besides, the west is also the nest of classic and, although this point might be debated, jazz music. Those are widely known and appreciated instrumental music downloads. Nothing wrong with that. Nobody will dare blaming you for listening to such musical genres. String Quartet

Music plays a big part in Indian culture. You can find it anywhere, including within the now renowned and prolific Indian movie industry. If you ever watched any Bollywood movie, you did not miss the songs, the choreographed dances, the overall presence of music, did you?

But Hindu music is not predominant in the movie industry, for it is very deep, contrary to what the apparently monotonous sound of God, Om would show. This music serves other purposes. It is for example believed to be very useful for those that rest or that are recovering from a disease. Also, the special monotonous sound of an instrument carries a strange form of solitude with its music.

When two instruments are mixed together, this is called jugalbandi. It allows both artists to unleash their creative power and produce an enchanting sounding atmosphere. Two sitars together can hypnotize the listener. So one very common way of using this charming music is to put a baby to sleep for example. Some westerners actually search for those instrumental music downloads to help them and / or children fall asleep! Also, singing along with those kind of formless melodies is the best way to call upon the spiritual nature in every mother.

There are different forks in Hindu music, called gharanas, with different schools. There are six different ways of playing the tabla, for example, and several sitar gharanas as well. Although many prefer to stick with classic oriental music and composition, the quite recent mix of jazz with Indian instruments opened the door to new and beautiful music production.

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