Popular Styles Of Rhinestone Pendants

There are a lot of different sorts of jewelry on the market, which are designed to appeal to lots of different groups of people. If you are choosing a pendant as a present for your friend or girlfriend, you will notice that there are an awful lot of different styles to choose from. Rhinestone pendants are a great choice, because they are inexpensive, but they are also beautiful and they can add a little bit of extra sparkle to an outfit. However, there are still a lot of different styles of rhinestone pendant to choose from. Here are some of the most popular choices. Jewelry Manufacturer USA

Skull Pendant
Although skull pendants were the height of fashion a few years ago, their popularity amongst the general public has waned slightly in recent times. However skull pendants are still a popular choice for girls who like rock music and alternative fashions. If you are trying to choose a pendant for a more girly girl, a depiction of a skull may not be the best choice. Fantasy Football Ring

Flower Pendant
It is possible to buy very delicate rhinestone pendants which are shaped like flowers. These pendants are ideal for people who like uncomplicated, classic designs and would prefer something like this to a more modern or funky alternative. As a general rule, if your girlfriend or friend does not have floral pattern clothing or accessories, or if you wouldn’t buy her flowers as a gift, then you should steer clear of floral pendants. Pendants

Crucifix pendant
Although rhinestone pendants are not traditional, crucifix-shaped pieces are available to purchase. A small, understated cross shaped pendant would be a good choice to give to a teenager to celebrate their First Communion ceremony. Whilst family members often choose to give a plain cross to their loved one, giving a sparkly cross to a close friend will give them an alternative item to wear on special occasions which will still remind them of their faith.

Star Pendants
Stars are a very popular motif in many different cultures and sub-cultures, so star-shaped pendants are a very popular choice. Stars can represent a lot of different things to people, including hope, mystery, fame, wonder and achievement. If you buy a star-shaped pendant, the recipient will be able to ascribe their own meaning to the piece.

Christmas-tree shaped
These pendants are a fun and quirky gift at Christmas time, but you should remember that they can only be worn for a few weeks a year. If you want to buy a pendant which has longer lasting meaning, stay away from this particular style; however you should buy one if you want something more fun and festive.

Key Shaped Pendants
Key-shaped pendants are a very interesting piece of jewelry. Giving key-shaped rhinestone pendants to a girlfriend or partner can symbolize that you are giving them the key to your heart. On the other hand, people who buy a key shaped pendant for themselves may be thinking about adventure or mystery. Carrying a key around your neck is a popular motif in literature.

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